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Katie's Story...
(Mom of 10 y.o. and 11 y.o. dancers)

​I initially reached out to Meghan after one of my daughters sprained her second ankle just 3 weeks before the recital. She’s very hypermobile and I was concerned for her joint stability and what kinds of injuries lie ahead.

I have 5 kids so schedules are crazy, but working with Meghan was an easy decision because I wanted her to be successful in dance and to have a better quality of life living with the hypermobility.

By working together, my daughter is gaining core stability she did not previously have, and it has been noticed by her dance teachers. She will continue to improve in her dance technique and hopefully progress to pointe in the future. My other daughter has also gained core stability and her turns are improving after working with Meghan.

I would absolutely recommend working with Meghan for any concerns from just wanting a better turn to injuries. She has been an amazing resource for not only my girls but myself as well.

Success Stories

​​Carissa's Story...
(17 y.o. dancer)

Before working with Meghan, I was worried about dancing pain-free and was concerned with my strength due to the ankle injury. I was experiencing some issues with pain management and my extensions and relevé height were not where I wanted them to be. I also wasn't where I wanted to be mentally, and I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to dance at the same level again.

But, Meghan has helped me return to my pre-injured self, and she has made it possible for me to continue dancing. Through various exercises and tips, I have learned how to use and strengthen the right muscles so that I can jump higher. I used to get critiques from judges when I jumped, but now, I am getting compliments. She is so knowledgeable about dance and knows exactly how to help identify what may be the source of an issue. She has taught me why I experience pain or difficulty with something, and she explains how I can work to fix those weaknesses/issues to prevent the same thing from occurring again. Since working with Meghan, I have felt more confident in my abilities. I have more control over my body, more body awareness, and I am overall stronger. This confidence has transferred into my performances on stage and, as a bonus, I've seen an increase in my scores.

Meghan is an amazing physical therapist and she has had such an impact on my dance career! She has a passion for what she does and it shows!

​April's Story...
(Mom of a 17 y.o. dancer)

My daughter sustained a significant injury to her ankle and needed physical therapy as part of her recovery after surgery. I was worried about her ability to return to competitive dancing. Meghan helped her in the past with minor hip pain, and I had been so impressed with her knowledge and ability to help my daughter so she was my 1st choice in such a difficult situation.

By working together, my daughter was able to return to dance competitively, gained more confidence, and learned how to manage pain if it pops up again in the future. She will be able to dance in college and also be able to participate in other sports that she is interested in. She has a better understanding of how to prevent injuries and do things that due to her injury, I once thought would be impossible.

I would recommend any dancer to work with Meghan!

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Linda's Story...

(Mom of a 13 y.o. dancer)

I will never forget where I was when I reached out to Dr. Meghan. I was walking out of the elevator from my daughter’s ortho evaluation. They had just told us six weeks off dance and to treat as a possible fracture. My heart sank as this was another injury just a year after the first. My heart ached for her and all the dedication she puts into dance – something she is so passionate about. We had just started competition season. I knew in my heart this would completely set my daughter back emotionally and physically. I knew we needed to do something else. I just didn’t know what that looked like yet.

My mommy gut just told me that I needed to try something else and find the root cause of why another injury happened to the same ankle. I started texting dance teachers and friends. Both her dance teacher and one of the other dance moms recommended Dr. Meghan, and I had already met her the year before during a workshop. Sitting in the ortho parking lot, I immediately called and she scheduled us for an evaluation that same week. 

Since that day we have not looked back, and we will always turn to Dr. Meghan for guidance when it comes to injuries, strengthening, and technique. She has so much knowledge in the area of dance. She gets it and walks alongside the dancer and parent, and also collaborated with my daughter’s dance instructor which was amazing to see the positive dynamic of all 3 working together.


The Platinum Program showed us how to make short and long-term goals which became achievable with dancer and parent commitment. Through this healing journey, I saw my daughter blossom and grow in her performance and overall dance techniques, as well as gain confidence – giving her the strength to believe in herself. This will help her not only as a dancer, but also as a young adult. This journey brought my daughter and I even closer, and as a mom of two teens, that is so important for me.

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