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Get To Know Us

Dr. Meghan Gearhart, PT, DPT, MS, CMTPT

Owner & Dance Physical Therapist

Hi, I’m Meghan, and I’m so glad you’re here!

I own Charlotte Dance Medicine and my journey to becoming a dance physical therapist started as a 4 year old in ballet class and continued through college as a dance major – with many injuries along the way. Growing up I heard things like: “It’s probably just growing pains,” “I don’t know, I never danced,” and “If it hurts then stop dancing.”

Between those comments and the injuries, I lost confidence in my body and myself – but you’d never have known it. Like many other dancers, I had a knack for hiding injuries and pushing forward. I downplayed what I was experiencing because I was afraid of being replaced and convinced that no one in healthcare would understand what I needed, what I wanted, or me for that matter.

Fastforward many years and two more degrees… I now use my experience to help dancers recover from injuries, improve their performance, and maintain their health – while supporting parents and teachers along the way.

My goal is to provide you with a supportive environment in which you feel seen AND heard. One where you can be honest about your feelings, fears, and dreams. I will commit to walking alongside you wherever you are on your journey, as long as you’re willing to commit to yourself.

You deserve that.

A note to dancers...

CDM Philosophy

Dancers shouldn’t feel like they have to stay silent and push through an injury because no one will understand or be able to help – or feel worried about being replaced.

Parents shouldn’t have to wonder whether their child is injured and question whether their decision to let their child dance in that upcoming performance will cause issues down the road.

Teachers shouldn’t have to worry if the changing demands of the dance world and the resulting pressure to stay relevant are actually setting up their students for injuries.


Dancers are athletes and should have access to the same quality of healthcare and education as other athletes. Charlotte Dance Medicine aims to be that resource for ALL members of the local dance community. Our Vision Pillars drive what we do and how we do it, but more importantly, why we do it.


Pillar #1 – A dancer who is confident in their body and themselves will thrive on stage and bravely approach challenges in other aspects of life.


Pillar #2 – Parents who feel confident in their decisions regarding their dancer’s health and happiness model that confidence for their child to make decisions for themselves in the future.


Pillar #3 – Dance teachers have the opportunity to set up today’s generation of dancers for success on stage and for good health throughout the rest of their lives.

About_CDM Philosophy 1.jpg

How we help dancers...

Whether you're looking to maximize a few weeks off with performance training or just trying to get through the season without things getting worse, we can help. We listen to your concerns, goals, and timeline. 

​We've been able to help dancers:

1. Trust that their knee won't lock up or give out again
2. Dance full out after an ankle sprain without thinking about it
3. Leave for summer intensives confident that they can shine in a new environment
4. Understand their teachers' cues and figure out how to apply them
5. Finally get their splits, needles, and triple pirouettes

How we help parents...

Yes, we work with dancers - and we love them! But, as a dance parent, you likely have your own questions and concerns about your child's health and performance and we love to support you too.​​


We've been able to help parents:

1. Support their dancer even when they don't understand the goal

2. Gain clarity over imaging results and vague activity recommendations

3. Feel confident in making informed decisions regarding their dancer’s health

 4. Learn realistic, non-fear-based expectations after injury

5. Set their dancer up for a healthy adulthood


The Process:
What to expect when working with Charlotte Dance Medicine 

Step 1 We’ll get to know each other on a Discovery Call and figure out if CDM is a good fit for you and what services would help you most.

Step 2 – Assess your mobility, flexibility, strength, and dance-specific postures and movements, and anything else that might be getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

Step 3 – Follow through with an effective plan to achieve your goals - this may include exercises, hands-on techniques, taping, modifications to dance class/rehearsal or dance shoes, health & wellness education, and referrals as needed.

Step 4 – Foster independence and build confidence in self-care to maximize health and performance with a plan for long-term wellness.

Step 5 – Crush your dance goals, feeling stronger and more confident in yourself and your performance than ever before.

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