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In-Person Workshops

In-person workshops usually occur in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas. If you are interested in a workshop for your group outside this region please email CDM to discuss options. Check out the available workshop topics below.


Workshops can be scheduled privately and CDM periodically offers workshops open to the entire Charlotte dance community. See the Upcoming Events page for more information about open workshops.

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Performance Optimization

  • Improving flexibility

  • Improving leg extensions

  • Using breath to improve performance

  • Improving body awareness & alignment

  • Improving cardiovascular endurance

  • Improving turnout

  • Mental preparedness for dance

  • Improving leaps & turns

  • Improving balance

  • Improving foot point

Injury Prevention

  • Pointe preparation

  • Recovery and self-care

  • Injury recognition, management, prevention

  • Dance medicine for dance teachers

  • Nutrition for the dancer athlete

  • Healthy habits for performance

  • Competition & convention prep

  • Harnessing hypermobility

  • Growth, development, and skill acquisition of the young dancer


What would you like to learn?

Charlotte Dance Medicine strives to provide learning opportunities for dancers, parents, and teachers that support the health and wellness of all dancers. Click the button below to give us your feedback so we can plan events that align with your interests. We'll keep you posted once workshops are scheduled!

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