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Charlotte Dance Medicine

Charlotte Dance Medicine provides healthcare and educational services to help dancers recover from injuries safely, maximize their performance, stay healthy, and prevent future injuries. Bridging the gap between the dance and healthcare worlds, we provide clarity and support for navigating injuries and performance training while empowering dancers and parents to make the best decisions for themselves – ones that balance health and happiness now and in the years to come.


CDM Philosophy

Dancers are often told “Ease your way back in,” or “Listen to your body,” when coming back from an injury, but aren’t sure what that actually means. Parents often feel heartbroken watching their dancer come home discouraged and frustrated, and feel like they don’t know how to help their child. Teachers are often unclear on how to bring both art and science into the classroom to keep their students safe as they continue to grow.

Charlotte Dance Medicine was created to help ALL of you.



Get the help you need and the support you’ve been craving from a doctor of physical therapy and dancer who has been in your shoes.


 For dancers with identified injuries or those unsure if they are injured


For uninjured dancers who want to improve a specific skillset


For dancers who want to maintain their current health and performance


Emily, Mom of 13 y.o. Dancer

I initially reached out to Meghan based on positive recommendations from other moms, as well as studio teachers, and her evaluation "sealed the deal." It was thorough, it respected my teen daughter’s body and boundaries, and it addressed areas that as a PT myself I had not thought of through a "dancer's eyes."

Rachel, 16 y.o Dancer

“I had lots of swelling in both ankles and constant pain which made dancing very difficult. Everything that I’ve done with Meghan has helped tremendously with this and now all the pain and swelling is gone! Thanks to the treatment I received, dancing is now just as easy as it was before my injury. Thank you so much!”

Holly, Dance Teacher with 10 years of teaching experience

“After working with Meghan, I feel much more confident in recognizing and managing injuries in the classroom and now have an action plan for injury prevention and communication with parents of injured dancers.”

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